EasyCode Pillars

EasyCode Pillars Make Your Own Sprite and Backgrounds

Find an image

  • You can search for an image on the internet, make a drawing, and save it as a .png file.
  • Our stage is a 500 pixel x 500 pixel space. You can set the size of any sprite after you import it, but this is something to keep in mind as you create or choose sprites and backgrounds.

Upload it to an image hosting site

  • You can upload to any site that will offer you a direct link to the image.
  • Tinypic and Imgur are two sites that work well for this.

Copy the direct link

  • The hosting site will offer you linking and embedding options. Copy from the Direct Link option.

Make your own sprite

  • You can use the block Sprite with Image from the toolkit codesters-sprite-with-image
  • The default code looks like this: codesters-default-sprite-code
  • Replace the image name with the direct link to the image. codesters-link-to-sprite-image

Make your own background

  • Use any background block. codesters-default-background-code
  • Replace the background image name with your custom background link. codesters-link-to-background-image


  • We have some security measures in place, but you can help us keep the Codesters community safe and student-friendly.
  • Please supervise your students’ image choices. It may be a good idea to keep a list of pre-approved image links that your class can make together!
  • If you see a project that contains inappropriate language or images, please click the flag activity button next to the project title. It will be taken down immediately and sent to Codesters for review.