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EasyCode Pillars Hotkey Cheat Sheet

What is a keyboard hotkey?

When coding or typing a document, do you ever find yourself getting tired of typing the same text and/or piece of code over and over again? Ever wondered if there was an easier way to copy a piece of text without highlighting it, right clicking, selecting paste, positioning your text, etc? Well, there is! Keyboard Hotkeys (better known as “Hotkeys” or “Shortcut Keys”) is a key or combination of keys on your computer’s keyboard that, when pressed, carries out a task more quickly than if done by your mouse. Hotkeys can be used on both PCs and Macs.

Here we have gathered a short list of hotkeys that you and/your students should be aware of while learning to code. Although we have separated the hotkeys into two separate groups, PC and MAC, you will notice that the commands for both are very similar.

Tip: If you want to use a hotkey on this list, hold down the first key presented, while pressing the key that comes after the “+” sign. For example, to paste, hold down the Ctrl button (for PC), then hold down the “V” key. Then release both keys.

This method can be applied when attempting to use all hotkeys.