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Direct instruction of vocabulary is important.

So how do we teach students to learn or acquire new vocabulary? Research suggests that vocabulary instruction should include the following components: definitional and contextual information about a word; multiple exposures to a word in different contexts; and encouragement of students’ active participation in their own learning of the new words. Here are 15 vocabulary activities that you can integrate into your classroom starting tomorrow!

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Using vocabulary games to reinforce new word meanings is engaging and fun. They can be used in centers or as a whole group activity.


EasyCode-bingoEach student will need a Learning.com Bingo Game Card. Provide students with a list of Learning.com vocabulary words. Students will need at least 24 words for their board. You can also mix subject area words for a review of multiple subjects. Students will write a different word in each box. They decide which words and what order to write them in so that every card is a little different. To play: Give students a definition. If they have that word on their board, they can cover it or color it. The first person to get five in a row is the winner.

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To play this game, download the memory card set at the link below. Feel free to modify the card set as it fits the needs of your classroom. Print 6 slides per page. Students shuffle up the cards and place them face down in an array. Students take turns flipping two cards. If they flip over a match- the word and its meaning- they keep the two cards. If they are not a match, they flip the cards back over (in the exact same location) and it is the next person’s turn. Play continues until all cards are gone.

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Heads Up! Vocabulary

You will need word cards. Students will take turns holding their word card on their forehead so that they cannot see it but the other players can. The student partner will give clues about until the other partner says the word. Once the words are correctly guessed, continue with another word card. Download Memory card sample set template and use the word cards only.

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Trashket BallEasyCode-trashket-ball

For this game, you will need a small ball and a trash can. Place a strip of masking tape on the floor to show students where to stand when they throw. Download the vocabulary cards at the link below. Have students line up into 2 lines starting at the tape. Ask the first person a question. You can give the student a word and ask for a definition or vice versa. If the student gets the question right, they get a point for their team and they get the chance to throw the ball. If they make the basket, they get a bonus point for their team. If they are not correct, the question goes to the next person in line. At the end of the allotted time, the team with the most points is the winner.

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Divide the class into teams. Give the team a word card with the definition a student from the team will go to the front and act out the word. They can’t talk. The audience will guess what word they are. You can give the audience teams buzzers or just let them call out answers. You can give teams a point for getting answers correct, or you can just play for fun.

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Rolling The DiceEasyCode-rolling-the-dice

Students will play in a small group and only need word cards (or even definition cards!) and a die. Players take turns flipping a card and giving the definition (or if it is a definition card- they give the word). If correct, they roll the die to see how many points they get. If they are incorrect, it is the next student’s turn. The winner is the person with the most points when the time is up or all the word cards are gone.

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EasyCode-sample-vocab-cardsVocabulary Cards Sample

We have provided a sample of Vocabulary cards. As you continue, you will need to add more vocabulary words to this set. Look in the Details tab of each challenge to find the keywords to possibly include.

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