EasyCode Foundations

EasyCode Foundations Scope and Sequence

EasyCode Foundations is an online game that teaches programming in a real programming language called CoffeeScript. In its self-paced curriculum, students learn to code through a series of coding challenges. Teachers and students can also create their own challenges and share them with other students in their class. Once students have developed their coding skills through coding challenges, they can apply those skills by creating their own games in the included game development environment and share them with anyone.

EasyCode Foundations covers calling functions with and without arguments, sequencing code, debugging errors, methods and properties of objects, variables, loops, arrays, using conditional, Booleans, defining functions from scratch with return values, and working with
keyboard and mouse input. The following is an overview of the scope of sequence of EasyCode Foundations. ECF-ScopeAndSequence_Page_1ECF-ScopeAndSequence_Page_2ECF-ScopeAndSequence_Page_3ECF-ScopeAndSequence_Page_4ECF-ScopeAndSequence_Page_5