EasyTech Online Safety CIPA FAQs

What EasyTech Online Safety curriculum is required to meet the Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA requirements?

It is up to each district exactly what curriculum is covered and at what grade level. This gives the district flexibility.
The key is to create a plan that covers the CIPA requirement and to stand by your plan. We have made 3 different suggested Implementation options. Of course, if your district is in need of additional curriculum, EasyTech Online Safety has much more curriculum to enhance the minimum requirements.

Do I have to do all of the suggested lessons?

It is up to each district/school to determine what instruction is provided at each grade level, based upon local board policies and mandates.

What are the required CIPA topics that need to be covered?

1. Appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms
2. Cyberbullying awareness and response

Our school does not have a computer lab teacher. How can we use EasyTech Online Safety to meet the CIPA requirements?

The Easy Tech Online Safety E-rate Kit Administrator Implementation Guide will help you determine how you can use Learning.com Online Safety in a variety of ways to meet your district’s needs.

How do I run reports to document my district/school’s CIPA requirement?

We recommend a combination of 2 reports that can be run by the District or School Coordinator from the Coordinator dashboard.

  • E-rate Report shows overall coverage of the 2 required CIPA topics by campus.
  • All Tracked Scores by School report shows more detail (class and student level). This can be found from the Coordinator dashboard > Track Curriculum Usage > All Tracked Scores by School.

How much instructional time is needed?

This depends on the Implementation Model your district has chosen. The minimum amount of time per grade level per year is 15 minutes. For some grade levels, it might take up to 45 minutes per year.

More about E-rate and CIPA compliance

Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) administers the E-rate program. E-rate Central is a great resource. Their CIPA Policy Primer [PDF] and CIPA Checklist [PDF] are particularly helpful in navigating the regulations related to educating students.