Digital Literacy Assessment

Digital Literacy Assessment (DLA) Teacher Dashboard and Reports

Teacher Dashboard and Reports

Teachers can view data for classes in which they have assigned the Digital Literacy Assessment (DLA) exam.

Launching the Teacher Dashboard

  • Click on ‘My Classes’ in the left-hand side of your screen
  • Click on the class name where the DLA exam is assigned
  • Click the reports tab with the pie chart icon under the class name
  • Click ‘DLA Dashboard’ at the bottom of the list


The Dashboard will launch in a new tab.

Viewing the Dashboard

  • This is the main teacher landing page from which you can view your students’ scores in the DLA Dashboard
    • In the DLA Teacher Dashboard, educators will see each student’s total percentage score under the ‘Score’ header and a breakdown of how that student answered questions specific to each of the seven ISTE standards
    • Hovering over the total percentage score or the percentage earned for a particular ISTE standard will show a breakdown of how the student did on the overall test or on questions related to that particular standard:**Please note: These percentages do not correspond to a proficiency scale. They only show the percentage of questions answered correctly and incorrectly. The DLA exam is a norm-referenced assessment, meaning it measures test takers’ proficiency in relation to others who have taken the same exam. For more information, visit the DLA Coordinator Dashboard page
  • In the score bars, the green section represents the percentage of questions answered correctly; the red section represents the percentage answered incorrectly
  • If gray bars are visible next to a student’s name, this indicates that the student has launched but not submitted the assessment
    • The Practice Assessments do not include all standards and will also show a gray bar for the standard that is not included:
  • If students have not yet launched the assessment, you will see a ‘Come back soon’ graphic:



Viewing an Individual Student’s Score

From the Teacher Dashboard, click on an individual student’s name.

In addition to the student’s total score and ISTE-S specific scores, you can scroll through the questions to review the student’s answers.

Important note about student scores: If a student gets a question partially incorrect, that student will not receive any points for the question. For example, if a question has more than one correct multiple-choice option, but the student only picks one of the correct options, the question will be scored as incorrect.

Reopening a Student’s Assessment

Teachers have the option of reopening a completed assessment so that a student may review his or her answers and resubmit the assessment.

Clicking on ‘Reopen’ will show the following message:


Once reopened, the student can review and edit answers prior to resubmitting.

Retaking the DLA

As the DLA exam is targeted towards 5th and 8th graders, most students will not be doing the respective Benchmark or Summative exams more than once. However, in the event that students are assigned the same exam twice, students’ previously earned scores will be visible in their accounts. Reopening a submitted DLA exam will show students their previous answers.

If a school or district chooses to assign the DLA exam multiple times to the same students and wants them to start with a blank test each time, there are two methods to do so. First, districts can create new student accounts with new and unique usernames and student IDs for each student. Students will use their new accounts to take the DLA exam a second time. Second, the previous scores can be deleted before the assessment is taken again. This must be done by

Because deleting scores will affect district reports, only School or District Coordinators can make that request. If you are a teacher and need DLA exam scores deleted, please reach out to a Coordinator and ask that they contact Support. If you’re not sure who at your district has Coordinator permissions, please contact Support and we can look that up for you.


To learn about what is visible to School and District coordinators, visit the DLA Coordinator Dashboard page.