Digital Literacy Assessment

Digital Literacy Assessment (DLA) Dashboards and Reports

Teacher Dashboard:

Teachers can view data for classes in which they have assigned the exam for the Digital Literacy Assessment (DLA).


Launching the Dashboard

  • Click on ‘My Classes’ in the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Click on the class name where the DLA is assigned.
  • Click the reports tab with the pie chart icon under the class name.
  • Click ‘DLA Dashboard’ at the bottom of the list.



DLA-teacher-dashboard-viewViewing the Dashboard

  • This is the main teacher landing page from which you can view your students’ scores in the DLA interface.
  • In the score bar, the green section represents the correct percentage and the red section represents the incorrect percentage.
  • If a gray bar is visible, this indicates a student has launched but not submitted the assessment.
  • The Practice Assessments do not include all standards. As such, the Practice Assessments will also show a gray bar for the standard that is not included.
  • If students have not launched the assessment yet, you will see a “Come back soon” graphic.


Viewing Individual Students

From the Teacher Dashboard, click on an individual student name.

In addition to the total score and ISTE-S specific scores, you can scroll through the questions to review the student answers.


Important note about student scores: if a student gets a question partially incorrect, that student will not receive any points for the question. For example, if a question has more than one correct multiple-choice option, but the student only picks one of the correct options, the question will be scored as incorrect.

Coordinator Dashboard and Reports:

Coordinators can view District-level and School-level analyses of performance.

Launching the Coordinator Dashboard

From the Coordinator homepage, click on ‘Dashboard (New!)’ under ‘DLA Tools’ in the left-hand menu.







If you have multiple assessments available, you can toggle between them to view the data for each.

If your students have not yet launched the DLA, you will see a “Come Back Soon” message.


‘Overall’ Data

This shows you at a glance the number and percentage of students at that achievement level.


‘Standards’ Data

Under the ‘Standards,’ you will see 6 or 7 pie charts (the Practice Assessments only address 6 standards).DLA-standards-data-charts

Click on the ‘i’ information icon to view an explanation of the standard being measured, which will open in a separate modal window.


Hovering over each slice in a pie chart will display the number of students who fall into the score range.

Comparing Schools

By scrolling down in the main dashboard window, you can view a school comparison chart


Hovering over a specific section of the chart will display school name, number of students who scored in that range, and percentage of students who scored in that range.


Launching the Coordinator Reports

Once you’ve launched the Dashboard as a Coordinator, you also have access to reports. In the top blue bar of your Dashboard click ‘Reports’ in the top right.


In Report view, you will be able to export raw data reports for any assessment that has at least one submission.


If you’ve selected an assessment on the Dashboard and toggled to the Reports tab, the same assessment will be selected.