Curriculum Guide

EasyTech Scope and Sequence K–8 Overview

We live in a digital society. Students must be given the opportunity to learn and develop digital literacy skills – starting as early as Kindergarten. From Keyboarding and Word Processing to Computational Thinking and Coding, digital literacy skills are needed more than ever. The table below provides an at-a-glance look at the digital literacy skills covered by EasyTech and students’ progression across the kindergarten to eighth grade levels. Concepts are taught and assessed through our self-scored interactive Lessons, Application Exercises, Activities, Discussions, and Quizzes. Use this table and our suggested pacing units to determine the most appropriate grade level(s) to introduce technology skills in a variety of implementation settings. More detailed analyses are available for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 upon request.

Hardware and Software FundamentalsMouse BasicsK1
KeyboardingIntroduction to Keyboards K1
Hardware and Software FundamentalsParts of a ComputerK12
Online SafetyProper Online Behavior and Cyberbullying IntroK12
MultimediaMultimedia BasicsK12
Visual MappingVisual MappingK1234
Computational Thinking & Coding BasicsComputational Thinking: Patterns and DirectionsK1234
DatabasesData and Data Storage BasicsK1234
Hardware and Software FundamentalsComputer Navigation12345
Word ProcessingWord Processing Basics12345
Internet Usage and Online CommunicationInternet Browsing Basics2345
Online SafetyCopyright, Fair Use, and Validity2345
SpreadsheetsSpreadsheet Basics2345
KeyboardingProper Keyboarding Techniques2345
Online SafetyOnline Safety2345
Computational Thinking & Coding BasicsComputational Thinking: Algorithms and Modeling345
Computational Thinking & Coding BasicsElementary Coding345
MultimediaAudience and Design Using Multimedia345
SpreadsheetsSpreadsheets & Databases: Understanding Tables Charts and Graphs345
DatabasesDatabase Creation, Queries and Reports45
PresentationsPresentation Basics45
Internal Usage and Online CommunicationEmail Basics45
Internal Usage and Online CommunicationInternal Usage and Online Communication5678
Online SafetyDealing with Cyberbullying678
KeyboardingProficiency and Speed in Keyboarding678
Computational Thinking & Coding BasicsComputational Thinking: Algorithmic Problem Solving678
Computational Thinking & Coding BasicsIntermediate Coding678
Hardware and Software FundamentalsComputer Fundamentals: Operations and Universal Aspects678
Word ProcessingWord Processing Software Usage678
SpreadsheetsSpreadsheet Software Usage678
DatabasesDatabase Software Usage678
Online SafetyEthical Use of Digital Resources678
PresentationsPresentations Software Usage678
MultimediaMultimedia Software Usage678