Coordinator Features

Role Descriptions

This page explains the main roles on the platform and the functions that the different roles can perform.


Roles in the Platform

FEATUREDistrict CoordinatorSchool CoordinatorTeacherProctor
Manually create student account**
Manually create educator account
User Import Tool*
Search account database (Find/Manage Users)
Edit educator accounts (Find/Manage Users)
Edit student accounts (Find/Manage Users)
Transfer student accounts between schools*
Impersonate teachers and proctors (Find/Mange Users)
Bulk Update (Promote or Demote Students)
Track progress (School Usage Reports)
Track progress (District Usage Reports)
Duplicate Classes
Set district date window for assessments**
Track progress (School Assessment Progress)
Track progress (District Assessment Progress)
Retrieve assessment score reports**
View district licenses
Edit schools
Create/manage classes (Enroll students/assign curriculum)
Assign assessments/create assessment events**
Access teacher reports
Access proctor reports***

*If District Coordinator has enabled

**This applies to all assessments with the exception of the DLA