Coordinator Features

Impersonating Educator Accounts

Impersonate teachers and proctors to help manage their accounts

The Impersonation feature allows School and District Coordinators to impersonate or “shadow” Teacher and Proctor accounts in their school or district to help that user manage classes and curriculum. When impersonating, Coordinators can only take actions that the impersonated user has the ability to do him/herself, such as create classes, schedule assessments, enroll students, and view curriculum.

Step 1: Find the user you’d like to impersonate

In the Find / Manager Users link under your User Account Tools, you can search for teachers and proctors by name, username, and email address. It helps to narrow your search by selecting only the role and school applicable to the teacher/proctor you’re searching.

Impersonating Educator Accounts

Step 2: Shadow into the account

When you’ve found the user you’re searching for, you’ll see two icons to the left of the user’s information: an orange ‘e’ and a small green square overlapping a larger grey square. Clicking on the icon with the squares will allow you to shadow into that user’s account.

Impersonating Educator Accounts - 2

School Coordinators will be able to shadow into the accounts of teachers who work at the school or schools they have access to (access is granted by District Coordinators).

District Coordinators will be able to shadow into any school in their district, so long as they have given themselves access to that school (you can give yourself access to schools by adjusting your own account settings).

Teacher IconShadowing into a teacher’s account will allow you to set up and organize classes, view active classes, pull class-level reports, and do anything that is within that teacher’s capabilities.

Proctor IconShadowing into a proctor’s account will allow you to schedule and manage assessments, including enrolling students in an assessment class, setting test parameters, and monitoring assessment progress. Learn about how to schedule assessments here.

Impersonating Educator Accounts - 3

Step 3: What to do once you’re in the account

Once you’ve shadowed into an account, you’ll see in the top right corner of your screen the name of the teacher/proctor and below that name is the school where s/he works. Clicking ‘Logout’ next to the user’s name will log you out of that account and bring you back to your own coordinator account.

If you were to shadow into another coordinator’s account, you’ll see this in the upper left corner of your screen, above your Account Tools:

Impersonating Educator Accounts - 4

To log out of the coordinator page you’re shadowing into, click ‘Logout’ in the upper right hand corner of your screen; this will bring you back to your own coordinator page:

Impersonating Educator Accounts - 5