Coordinator Features

District Coordinator Guide

The Coordinator Home Page is the launch pad to accessing and utilizing all the features of From here, coordinators can manage student and teacher account information, run usage and activity reports, request assessment score reports, and manage classes and enrollments. Below is a short description of the available actions or functions.


My Account Tools

Houses My Messages as well as full list of the sites connected to the account under My Schools.

Edit My Account
Edit your account information: name, email, username, password, school access list and roles.

View My Classes
Takes you into your Teacher Account. Here you can create classes, enroll students, assign and create content.

User Account Tools

Create Student
Add one student to the system at a time.

Create Educator
Add one educator to the system at a time.

Import Users
Use the User Import Tool to perform bulk uploads of students, educators, classes and single sign-on credentials. Please see the User Import Guide for details.

Find / Manage Users
Search for users in your district (individually or as a group). Search by: username, name, email, student ID, and/or grade level. Use the Role and School check boxes to narrow the search further. Scroll down to see the search results, under which you can delete selected accounts, as well as export a full list of Student or Educator accounts for the selected schools. You can also shadow into teacher and proctor accounts in your school or district to create classes, schedule assessments, and more on behalf of that user; please see our ‘Impersonating Teachers and Proctors’ page for information on how to shadow into an account.

Bulk Updates
Features the ability to promote or demote students from one grade to the next, transfer of students from campus to campus, and remove students from classes while keeping the curriculum intact.

Choose permissions for specific roles in your district, for example give the teacher role the ability to create student accounts.

Curriculum Tools

Track Curriculum Usage
Enables the School Coordinator to request reports: Usage by Class, Usage by Unit, All Tracked Scores for School, Student by Student, and Grade by Grade. District Coordinators have two additional reports: a District Usage Summary and School by School.

A report that shows which students in the district have completed all of the items necessary to meet E-Rate requirements.

Duplicate Classes
Duplicate curriculum items or students from one user account and puts into another user account. It is used commonly with grade-mapped content to ensure, for example, all third grade teachers are working through the same content.

Assessment Tools
Manage Assessments
Set an absolute start and end date for all assessments, and choose if proctors will be able to access reports.

Track Assessment Usage
Reports that show assessment progress at a school and district level, students assigned but who have not completed the assessment, and students not enrolled in a testing event.

Retrieve Score Reports
Request results for assessments at the district, school, class, and individual level. Raw data files are also available.

Import/Manage Scores
Used with the prescriptive feature on the platform.

License/Product Tools

View District Licenses
Select a product in the dropdown menu and see all of a specific product’s information: start date, expiration date, licensed schools, licensed students and any license overages.

Edit Schools
Change or update school names, cities, and coordinators.

District Activity Report
This report shows the overall level of your district’s activity on the platform. It includes content launches by month, user login counts, and unique counts of students and teachers per month.

School Activity Report
This report shows the overall level of your school’s activity on the platform. It includes content launches by month, user login counts, and unique counts of students and teachers per month.