Coordinator Features

Bulk Updates

For a Coordinator the Bulk Update Tool is handy when there is no access to the User Import Tool, or uploading a new CSV file is not desirable.  Everything that can be done using Bulk Updates can be done with an upload using the User Import Tool, or if the district uses an SIS, done automatically.

Bulk Update Tool

​The Bulk Update Tool lets Coordinators manage their student roster three different ways. Students can be moved  between grades, removed from classes, or transferred between schools.

In all three functions, Coordinators can change students in all of the schools that they have access to, or can pick and choose. School Coordinators will only be able to change students in the schools checked on their account page.

Promote or Demote Students​​

Bulk Updates can  promote or demote students between grades.

When promoting students, be sure to start with the highest grades first. If the Coordinator starts from the lowest grade and works up, students will be combined with  those already enrolled in the grade above them.  The only way to resolve this is with a UIT upload.

​Remove Students from Classes​

At times it can be helpful to remove students from all of their old classes. Bulk Updates can un-enroll students from classes in all schools at once.

Transfer Students to School​​​s

Students can be moved from one school to another in a group, as would be done when students graduate from an Elementary level to Middle School.


    How to Bulk Update Students                                        

  1.  ​​Log in to your account
  2. Click on “Bulk Updates”
  3. Choose the change you want to make, the schools to use, and the grades. (and the school to transfer to if transferring.)
  4. Click “Next…”
  5. Review the changes
  6. Click “Process Bulk Update”