Student Assessments

Technology Skills in the Elementary Assessment

Digital literacy skills assessed in the Elementary Assessment and recommended lessons for remediation.

Systems and Fundamentals

This module assesses tasks central to the understanding and use of computer systems. Examples include:

  • Knowledge of the parts of the computer
  • Troubleshooting basic computer problems
  • Storing and retrieving files on computers or networks
  • Basic technology vocabulary
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Processor and I/O Devices, Symbols of Technology, Desktop, Windows and Controls, Toolbars and Menus, Software

Social and Ethical

This module assesses knowledge about accepted ethical norms as they relate to technology, as well as the impact of technology, past and present, on society. Examples include:

  • Identifying ethical and unethical uses of technology tools
  • Awareness of the social and ethical concepts associated with network and telecommunications use
  • Understanding the basics of online safety
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Online Safety, Community Sites, Sourcing and Ethics, Ethical Use of Digital Resources

Word Processing

This module assesses tasks central to formatting text and text/page layout. Examples include:

  • Publishing and saving documents such as letters and short papers
  • Formatting text
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Creating Documents, Formatting Text


This module assesses tasks unique and central to creating, editing, manipulating, and interpreting data in spreadsheet tables, charts, and graphs. Examples include:

  • Creating worksheets
  • Entering and saving information
  • Creating and interpreting basic graphs
  • Formatting cells
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Parts of a Spreadsheet, Tables and Data, Columns and Rows, Cell Formatting, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts


This module assesses tasks unique and central to the creation and manipulation of graphic, audio, video, and other non-textual products by electronic means. Examples include:

  • Creating and editing multimedia projects
  • Communicating effectively to a variety of audiences using multimedia
  • Using video recorders to capture images and edit clips (including picture files and ClipArt) for use in video or other multimedia
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Audience and Organization, Composing Slides, Enhancing Slides, Evaluating and Presenting


This module assesses tasks central to telecommunications, including intra- and inter- office Networks, as well as Internet software such as browsers and email. Examples include:

  • Recognizing and comparing basic methods of online communication
  • Locating and launching a web browser
  • Navigating from one web site to another
  • Accessing and sending email
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Basic Components, Browsing and URLs, Sending Email Messages, Responding to Email Messages


This module assesses tasks central to the use of common database interfaces, such as Web search engines, school online library catalogs, and as appropriate, specialized database design software. Examples include:

  • Using web library search engines
  • Searching using single and multiple keyword searches
  • Recommended EasyTech lessons: Online Searches, Search Strategies