Assessment Guides

Timeline and Checklist for Assessments

This checklist will help Coordinators and Proctors prepare for and administer the TechLiteracy Assessment, the 21st Century Skills Assessment, and the WayFind Teacher Assessment.

Preparing for the Assessment

  • Identify and designate School Coordinator(s) and Proctors
  • Attend a training for district-licensed products
  • Complete a district-wide student upload
  • Complete a district-wide staff upload
  • Complete staff training
  • Check student computers and network for the following requirements (recommended 1 week prior to testing):
    • Broadband Internet connection
    • All testers must have a functioning keyboard, mouse, and monitor
    • Browser – any of the following: the latest 5 versions of Chrome or Firefox, the latest version of Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge
    • Adobe Reader
    • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Google Chrome
    • Minimum Screen Resolution of 800 x 600
    • Unblock all pop-up windows from
    • Set up class, assign assessment, and enroll students into classes


Preparing for the Assessment – Day Of

  • Print Login Cards and Roster, if needed
  • Ask students to bring a book to read in case they finish early
  • Turn on computers prior to student arrival
  • Distribute Login Cards
  • Before the assessment begins, write the following on the board if students are not familiar: Website: District: the name of your district


Proctoring the Assessment

  • Read the proctor script aloud before the students begin testing
  • For Wayfind, provide the script to your educators in an email
  • Testing irregularities and any unusual occurrences or interruptions, such as a fire alarm or a student becoming ill, should be recorded in the Proctor Notes

  • Make sure test takers click “TURN IN TEST” when they are finished. Proctors can “Submit”and “Reset” the test as necessary.
  • If a participant cannot finish the assessment due to time constraints or other unforeseen circumstances, he or she can click “EXIT” (X) and return later

After the Assessment Event

  • Make sure students log out and close the browser
  • Turn off computers or prep them for the next group
  • Record any Proctor Notes
  • 24–72 hours after students have completed ALL PARTS of the assessment, generate or request appropriate assessment report.

Download the Interactive PDF Checklist