Assessment Guides

Assessment Set-up and Proctoring Guide

Coordinator Note:

  • If you are setting up the assessment event in your account, click ‘View My Classes’ to set up assessment
  • If you are setting up the assessment event for your Proctors, you must access the Proctor’s account from your Coordinator account
  • If you are setting up and proctoring an assessment at multiple schools or campuses, you need to assign and schedule the assessment at each school or campus
  • If you are setting up the WayFind Teacher Assessment, make sure you have the Proctor role and then create one class and enroll all teachers
  • With the exception of the in-app versions and the DLA, all assessments require Flash Player
    • Computers that already have Adobe Flash installed may not have it enabled to run on all sites, causing an error message to appear
      • This can be solved by setting Flash to ‘allow’ for
      • Please see instructions for how to do this in various browsers


Step 1: Login


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username, password, and district name in the login box
  3. If your school or district uses Clever, click the ‘Login with Clever’ button to begin the login process; you can learn how to log in through Clever here





Step 2: Create or Select a Class

To Create a Class:

  1. Click ‘My Classes’ in the left navigation menu
  2. In the left navigation menu, click the graduation cap icon to ‘Create a New Class’
  3. In the ‘Create a New Class’ field, enter the name of your class
  4. Click ‘Add’ to create the class
  5. In ‘Settings,’ select a grade for the class (the only thing you will need to change on this screen)
  6. Click ‘Save’

To Select a Class: 


  1. Click ‘My Classes’ in the left navigation menu
  2. Select the class that should be assigned the assessment from the left-hand menu
  3. Click the ‘Class Assessments’ (clipboard icon) tab and skip the next step and continue to ‘Step 4: Assign the Assessment’ below





Step 3: Enroll Students

  1. Click the small ‘Class Students’ tab
  2. Click ‘Enroll Students’
  3. Check the box of the grade level of students you would like to enroll
  4. Click the checkbox to the left of the names of the students you wish to enroll
  5. Click ‘Enroll Selected’
  6. If you would like to create a student manually, click ‘Add New Student’ then enroll the new student into your class

Proctor note: check with your District Coordinator about how to handle new students



Step 4: Assign the Assessment

  • Click the small ‘Class Assessment’ tab (clipboard icon)
  • Click ‘Schedule Assessment’ to add an assessment

  • Select the correct assessment version
    • Note about assessment versions: if you see multiple versions, make sure to assign the correct one
      • Versions are NOT interchangeable and scores will NOT transfer; assigning the wrong one will skew test results.
      • Some assessments have a PRE-TEST and a POST-TEST version
      • Some assessments have an Elementary (ES) and a Middle (MS) School version
  • Click ‘Schedule Now’

  • Select the testing start and end dates
  • Select the ‘Days Available’
  • Set the ‘Daily Time Window’ (make sure the correct time zone is listed)
  • Select ‘Details’:
    • ‘Randomize questions’: the assessment automatically randomizes questions for each assessment taker
      • Unchecking this box presents the questions in the same order for all participants
        • This enables the Proctor to read the questions in sequence to test takers and can be used for students who have reading considerations
    • ‘Make curriculum inactive during daily time window’: this box makes the assessment the only content accessible to students during the assessment time window
      • Example: between 2–4 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays from May 10–18, students will only be able to access the 21st Century Skills Assessment and EasyTech will be available at all other times
      • Once students have turned in the assessment they can access other content
  • Click ‘Schedule’ to save


Note for WayFind and 21st Century Skills Assessment: these assessments have two parts. Both parts must be completed to count as a complete assessment. If one part is completed and the other is not, NO SCORE will be generated for the test.

  1. After scheduling Part 1, a message will pop up to notify you that you still have related events to schedule
  2. Click ‘Yes, Continue’
  3. Click ‘Part 2’ and look over the scheduling to be sure that it parallels ‘Part 1’

  1. Follow the same scheduling process to assign the ‘Survey’
  2. Click the name of the assessment to display the ‘Parts’ page
  3. Click on the icon for the ‘Exam’

  1. Click ‘Print Roster’ to print off a roster to have while students are testing
  2. Click ‘Print Log In Cards’ to print student login credentials

Day of Testing

  • Log in to your Proctor account, click ‘My Classes’
  • Click the class you would like to monitor
  • Click the small ‘Class Assessments’ tab (clipboard icon)
  • Click the name of the assessment to display the parts page
  • Click the icon for the ‘Exam’ (or the ‘Survey’) that you would like to monitor
  • The ‘Progress’ area displays the following information:
    • All students or teachers assigned to the exam
    • The edit pencil for editing an individual account
    • The last, first, and username of each test taker
    • The amount of time that has been spent on the assessment by the individual
    • The ‘Progress’ bar shows how far the test taker is through the exam, reading ‘Completed’ when all questions have been answered and ‘Submitted’ when the assessment has been turned in
    • Clicking ‘Refresh Progress’ will update the ‘Time’ and ‘Progress’ columns

  • Once the exam is turned in, the ‘Submitted’ column will read ‘Submit’ or ‘Reset’:
    • ‘Submit’ allows the Proctor to turn in a test on behalf of a test taker
    • ‘Reset’ allows the Proctor to open the test up for a student who accidentally turned it in, or turned it in without trying
      • ‘Reset’ does not erase answers; it opens the test again, so it can be accessed by the individual test taker

  • The ‘Proctor Notes’ area allows for notations about the testing event, such as technical problems or interruptions, and are visible on Class and Proctor Reports

Proctor Reports

Reports become available 24–72 hours after students have completed ALL PARTS of the assessment. If given permission by the district, Proctors may generate reports at that time.

  • Log in to Proctor account
  • Select the class that took the assessment
  • Click the small ‘Class Assessment’ tab (the clipboard icon)
  • Click the name of the assessment
  • Click ‘Reports’ or ‘Get Reports’
  • Select ‘Generate Class Report,’ ‘Generate Proctor Report,’ or ‘Individual Student Report’ and the report will appear in a new tab or window
  • Clicking ‘Individual Students Reports’ submits a request to process individual reports for all students in a class
    • It takes 24-72 hours for the reports to be available


Coordinator note: please let Proctors know how the district will be handling reports. Coordinator reports can be requested from Retrieve Score Reports in the Coordinator interface. Requests for Coordinator reports can take between 24-72 hours to process.