21st Century Skills Assessment Proctor Script

This script should be read aloud to all students completing the 21st Century Skills Assessment (21CSA)

Today you are going to use the Internet to take an assessment. The reason for this assessment is to let you show what you know about computers and technology. It is okay if you do not understand all the questions. Just do your best.

For this assessment you have to follow the same rules you do for any test: no talking, no copying your neighbor’s answers, and sit quietly when you are done.

To get started, you will log into login.learning.com by typing in your username, password, and district name.

Once logged in you will see the words: 21st Century Skills Assessment. Click the “Part 1” option to get started. Click the “Start” button to begin the instructions for the test. You need to read the instructions. DO NOT fast forward through the instructions. Please read the instructions quietly. When the instructions have finished, another “Start” button will appear on the screen. Click the “Start” button to begin testing.

Read and follow the directions in the questions to answer them. If you need help reading a word in the question item, please raise your hand. I can help you with word pronunciation, but I cannot help you with any of the answers to questions. If you experience a problem with the computer during the assessment, please raise your hand right away and I will assist you.

When taking the test, you will not be able to use keyboard shortcuts or right-click shortcuts. You may use left-click actions only.

The assessment is not timed; however, try to complete it during this class period. Be sure to press the “TURN IN TEST” button only when you have answered all of the questions. You will need to complete BOTH Parts 1 and 2 of the assessment.

At the end of our testing time if you are not finished, please use the “Exit” button in the lower right hand corner. I will remind you how to do that at the end of the testing period today.

It is time to start the test.

Are there any questions? Please begin.

Alternate Ending 1: When Having Students Navigate to the Site

Now I will help you log into the website.

Open your browser, click on the address line and delete the text that is there. Then, type in this website address www. learning.com. This is printed on the board for you. After you type in the website address, hit the “Enter” or “Return” key on the keyboard. That will take you to the Learning.com website.

To start the assessment, you will need to log in with your username, password, and district.

Alternate Ending 2: When Using Known Student Logins

Your login information is the same as your EasyTech (or whichever product name) username and password. Please raise a hand if you need or forgot your login information.

Proctor Note: At the end of the test, please be sure to have students use the “Exit” button if they have NOT completed the assessment part they are on. If you or they forget this, and press the “Turn in Test” button, you will need to reset the test for the student to access the assessment again. The “Reset” button will not erase their answers, it will only make the assessment available to the student again.