Software Updates

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April 10, 2014

Release 104

Software Enhancements:

  • The best and highest grade from the same items assigned and completed in other classes can be viewed in the gradebook
  • Teachers can renew Marketplace orders from the license expiration notice
  • New Marketplace orders can be set to automatically renew when they expire

Bug Fixes:

  • Inquiry commenting feature can be turned off in the Class Settings tab

February 27, 2014

Release 103

Software Enhancements:

  • Two new reports for Coordinators, under Curriculum Tools:
    • Prescriptive Keyboarding Raw Data Report
    • E-Rate Online Safety Objectives Report
  • User Import Tool can be used to update existing class enrollments and now class enrollment imports only affect the classes listed in the CSV file

Bug Fixes:

  • Inquiry Math Projects for Grade 4 and Grade 8 now allow decimals in text fields

January 16, 2014

Release 102

Software Enhancements:

  • User Import Tool can be used to update existing teacher account information, including passwords
  • Added software architecture to support technology assessments in the Tablet App
  • For Coordinators with SIS integration, data warnings page is available under User Account Tools

Bug Fixes:

  • Sorting, searching, and selecting are more consistent when enrolling students into classes
  • Journal items no longer show HTML code in the grading interface

December 5, 2013

Release 101

Software Enhancements:

  • New login box with autocomplete feature in district field
  • Two new reports for coordinators, under License/Product Tools – District Activity Report and School Activity Report
  • Inquiry Pretests now show all recommended lessons even after student completes the lessons

Bug Fixes:

  • Apostrophes in class names do not interfere with Prescriptive Keyboarding or Typing Pal