Software Updates

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March 3, 2016

Release 119

Feature Enhancements

  • New material type information added to Curriculum Foundry content so educators can select activities based on their personal educational solutions.
    • Teacher Led - Intended for teachers to lead activity in classroom setting
    • Teacher Materials - Content is composed of plans, guides, rubrics, and additional teaching materials
    • Student Facing Digital - Interactive content to engage students using a computer or tablet
    • Student Facing Print - Content to be printed out for use with students not using a computer or tablet
  • ​Added more specific publisher information to Curriculum Foundry content (i.e. Smithsonian, Library of Congress, etc.)

January 21, 2016

Release 118

Feature Enhancements:

  • Curriculum Foundry Library now features restyled breadcrumb navigation bar
  • Curriculum Foundry curriculum item icon restyled for better visibility and distinction from user generated content

Bug Fixes:

  • Lessons 'Visual Design' and 'School Work' available again via the App
  • Keyboarding Drill now gives students who type random key strokes for a higher WPM a score of 0
  • Class average score can again be set for Activity, Web Link, and Discussion curriculum items

December 10, 2015

Release 117

Feature Enhancements:

  • Assessment Item Detail Report now available from the Coordinator home page

Bug Fixes:

  • EasyTech: Word Processing lessons available again in untracked classes
  • Inquiry: Students can now copy and paste links into project State the Facts

October 29, 2015

Release 116

Feature Enhancements:

  • Assessment Item Detail Report is now available from the Proctor UI
  • Quicker navigation speeds for Teachers opening their gradebooks

Bug Fixes:

  • EasyTech: Some slides skipping or not accepting answers on 'Processor and I/O Devices' and 'Creating Documents', all slides now fixed
  • Inquiry: Expired links within projects and teacher notes have been fixed

September 17, 2015

Release 115

Digital Literacy Updates and New lessons:

  • Added new lessons including Desktop Publishing (New!) and Video and Audio (New!)
  • Updated 'Using Spreadsheets' lessons to include Spanish-language audio and text
  • Added new EasyTech unit 'Hardware Fundamentals'

Bug Fixes:

  • When a student using Internet Explorer exits a lesson, they are taken back to their assignment list
  • Updated the list of EasyTech lessons that are "tablet ready"
  • Error message added to end of lesson Symbols of Technology to notify students exiting too quickly that their score hasn't yet been recorded

August 6, 2015

Release 114

Software Enhancements:

  • 6 New EasyTech Middle Grades Spreadsheets Lessons
  • 18 Updated EasyTech Elementary Grades Lessons for Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Web Browsing
  • 10 New EasyTech Middle Grades Journals for Online Safety and Word Processing
  • Improved Assessment Interface, Software Simulations and Opening Assessment Instructions
  • Improved Organization of EasyTech Sequences and Units
  • New Student App Released to the Apple and Google Play Stores

Bug Fixes:

  • Scoring Restored to Symbols of Technology and Digital Collaboration
  • Manually Graded Scores Now Appear in Student Interface

June 11, 2015

Release 113

Software Enhancements:

  • Platform enhancements (including new branding, updated look for the Teacher UI, and links to new corporate websites)
  • Curriculum Foundry enhancements for Google Integration
  • Stabilization performance enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Students can now be manually excused from pre-tests
  • Symbols of Technology now has a red X to exit the lesson
  • Improved speed and functionality of new EasyTech lessons

April 10, 2015

Release 112

Software Enhancements:

  • Search filters, sort order, and current page number stay the same when a teacher navigates back to search results from the curriculum item detail page
  • The character limit for a Class Name is now 75 characters
  • Curriculum Foundry Open Education Resources now have subjects/categories alignments

Bug Fixes:

  • Coordinator UI: International characters in Educators’ names are now exporting correctly in the csv on the Find/Manage Users page
  • EasyTech: Some lessons appeared cropped in the player, now all lessons are sized correctly
  • Inquiry: Fixed various missing and incorrect audio files and icons

February 27, 2015

Release 111

Software Enhancements:

  • Digital Citizenship App version 2.0: Students are able to save completed lessons and quiz on one device, and return later to the same device or on a different device
  • The Digital Citizenship App Report for Coordinators has been reformatted to provide better E-Rate reporting
  • Curriculum Foundry now includes a Sample Items Sequence which shows different ways to organize and create lessons and units

Bug Fixes:

  • Teacher UI: Pressing Enter on the Class Settings page now automatically saves the settings
  • Digital Citizenship App version 2.0: Backend improvements to increase audio performance and decrease network connection issues

January 23, 2015

Release 110

Software Enhancements:

  • Changes and enhancements to purchasing functionality
  • Teacher profile no longer shows email by default, teachers can add email address if desired
  • "Show unlicensed" checkbox is now set as unchecked in Library and checked in Marketplace by default

Bug Fixes:

  • Teacher UI: Multi-assign button looked mis-aligned when used from within a selected class within Firefox browser
  • Login Box: "Forgot Password?" link caused error in Internet Explorer browser
  • Various under-the-hood performance enhancements and minor fixes