WayFind Teacher Assessment Guides

WayFind Teacher Assessment helps you by supporting effective teaching in the 21st century. The links below will teach you how to easily interpret, import and maintain data. 

Getting Started Guides

Setting Up Learning.com Assessments

Length: 1:31

Assessment Timeline and Checklist

A checklist for proctors before, during and after an assessment.

Requesting Assessment Score Reports

Length: 1:47

User Import Tool - Educator Upload

Find out how to create educator accounts using the User Import Tool.

WayFind Teacher Assessment FAQs

Answers to some FAQs regarding the Learning.com WayFind Teacher Assessment.

WayFind Teacher Assessment Proctor Recommendations

A resource that provides scenarios and recommendations.

WayFind Teacher Assessment Proctor Script

Instructions that should be read out loud before and after the assessment.

WayFind Teacher Assessment Login Guide

Help teachers login to and complete the WayFind Teacher Assessment.

Assessment Set-up and Proctoring Guide

Guide for coordinators/proctors setting up assessments.

Using the Curriculum

WayFind Sample Test

WayFind Teacher Assessment - 7-item Sample Test

Sample Reports

WayFind Individual Report

Report shows individual proficiency across the ISTE standards.

WayFind Class Detail Report

Proficiency data for the class and each individual.

WayFind School Summary Report

Proficiency data at the summary level across the school by teacher.

WayFind District Summary Report

Report shows proficiency data for all the schools in a district.