TechLiteracy Assessment Guides

The links below will you teach you more about the TechLiteracy Assessment's skill modules, how to set up an assessment, and let you view sample reports. 

Getting Started Guides

Setting Up Assessments

Length: 1:31

Assessment Timeline and Checklist

A checklist for proctors before, during and after an assessment.

Requesting Assessment Score Reports

Length: 1:47

User Import Tool - Student Upload

Create and update student accounts with the User Import Tool.

TechLiteracy Assessment FAQs

Answers to some FAQs regarding the TechLiteracy Assessment.

TechLiteracy Assessment Guidelines and Recommendations

A guide to assisting students and managing the assessment.

TechLiteracy Assessment Proctor Script

An example of instructions that should be read to students.

Assessment Set-up and Proctoring Guide

Guide for coordinators/proctors setting up assessments.

Using the Curriculum

Sample Report: Student

Sample review of the student skill module results and proficiency report.

Sample Report: Class

Sample class report covering summary statistics, score results and more.

Sample Report: School

Sample school report covering summary statistics, skill modules and more.

Sample Report: District

Sample district report showing summary statistics, school results and more.

Elementary School Sample

TechLiteracy Assessment - 7-item Elementary Sample Test

Middle School Sample

TechLiteracy Assessment - 7-item Middle School Sample Test

Technology Skills in the Elementary Assessment

A list of EasyTech modules and the tasks that they assess.

Technology Skills in the Middle School Assessment

A list of EasyTech modules and the skills they assess