Aha!Math Guides

Aha!Math supports teachers with an effective K-5 supplemental math curriculum. Use the resources below to learn more about the Aha!Math curriculum.

Getting Started Guides

Exploring Aha!Math Curriculum

Length: 1:03

Aha!Math Units Overview

Aha!Math curriculum units target core concepts for each grade.

Aha!Math RTI Assessment Tool Guide

A guide to Aha!Math for RTI.

Using the Curriculum

Assess and Address Learning Gaps with Aha!Math

Length: 2:12

Using Aha!Math for Common Core

A guide to Aha!Math for Common Core.

Aha!Math Implementation by Environment

Choose when and how to implement Aha!Math:

Implementing Aha!Math Units

Learn how to use Aha!Math components to meet the needs of students.