Product Guides

Use the product specific guides below to get started using curriculum in your school or district.

Inquiry Guides

Inquiry Teacher Guide: Pre-Tests

Learn how Inquiry pre-tests work and get suggestions for implementation.

Inquiry Projects Overview K-8

Learn more about Inquiry's projects for grades K-8.

Inquiry Implementation Models

Recommended implementation guidelines for most technology access scenarios.

EasyTech Guides

EasyTech 6-8 Curriculum Scope and Sequence Details

Detailed list of all the EasyTech units from grades 6-8.

EasyTech Quick Start Guide

This PDF gives you steps to start using our EasyTech solution today!

Adaptive Keyboarding Walk-through Video

Adaptive Keyboarding features and functionality

Digital Citizenship App Guides

Exploring the Digital Citizenship App

Length: 2:09

Digital Citizenship App - Coordinator

Guide to help implement the Digital Citizenship App.

Digital Citizenship App - Teacher

Guide to getting started with the app in the classroom.

Project NextTech Guides

Project NextTech Scope & Sequence

Estimated time of each Project NextTech unit.

Project NextTech ISTE-S Alignments

How Project NextTech lessons align with the ISTE-S standards

Project NextTech Teacher Implementation Models

Strategies for implementation in the classroom

Aha!Science Guides

Aha!Math Guides

Aha!Math Units Overview

Aha!Math curriculum units target core concepts for each grade.

Using Aha!Math for Common Core

A guide to Aha!Math for Common Core.

Aha!Math RTI Assessment Tool Guide

A guide to Aha!Math for RTI.

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