Meet E-Rate and CIPA mandates with EasyTech Online Safety

EasyTech Online Safety is a complete online safety curriculum for grades K-12 that covers online safety essentials such as digital footprint, ethical use of digital resources, and cyberbullying awareness. It also offers instruction on topics like email etiquette, instant messaging, and blogging. EasyTech Online Safety is ideal for districts with a mixture of devices, and those that want to provide a comprehensive online safety curriculum that introduces different topics appropriately as students grow.

Digital Citizenship App is an easy-to-implement solution for grades 6-9 that provides quick instruction on online safety, ethical use of digital resources, and cyberbullying through three engaging lessons and a quiz. The App’s self-registration and self-paced instructional model is ideal for districts with a BYOD or 1:1 programs and those that want to reinforce the most critical areas of online safety instruction. is pleased that ODE and INFOhio are able to purchase and provide EasyTech Online Safety and the Digital Citizenship App for all of Ohio's K-12 chartered non-public and public school districts at no cost for the 2016-17 year.

In the 2015-16 school year, great progress was made in spreading Online Safety to Ohio students.

  • 256 Ohio districts implemented Easy Tech Online Safety into classrooms.
  • Almost 400,000 students were enrolled in Easy Tech Online Safety courses.
  • Over 1 million Easy Tech Online Safety curriculum were used.
  • Over 10 onsite and web-based Easy Tech Online Safety trainings were delivered to Ohio teachers and administrators.


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Training & Resources

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If your district is registered to participate in the EasyTech Online Safety project, you and your team may participate in free, onsite professional development offered around the state. To register, click here.

Preparing Students for Positive Online Behavior

Sept 08, 2016 3:30 pm EST

To prepare our students to be future ready, access and use of technology by Ohio's students takes the lead. However, in the rush to prepare students for online testing, it is important to remember how crucial it is to teach essential digital literacy skills for appropriate online behavior and keeping personal information safe. Join's Diane Kahanek, Strategic Relations Program Manager, and Tricia Kluener, Technology Integration Specialist, from Ross Local Schools, to learn about the free online curriculum available to help students develop positive online behavior. See how connects essential topics such as cyber bullying, Internet safety, and online ethics to Ohio's Learning Standards, and discover helpful teaching tips and implementation strategies to help you use these resources within your classroom.

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Pre-recorded Trainings

  • How Do You Rate with E-Rate? Are You Meeting the Requirements?: Join Lorrie Germann, E-Rate Coordinator for Ohio, as she explains the legal requirements for the updated E-Rate policy in this 30-minute webinar. Watch Training »

  • Ohio Online Safety Coordinator Training, 2015/16: During this webinar, educators who are identified as district or school coordinators in the platform for the Ohio Online Safety Curriculum will have an understanding of the coordinator role. You will also learn how to create student accounts, track progress, and access reports. Watch Training »

  • Free Internet Safety Curriculum: What Every Ohio K-12 School Needs to Know Now!: This webinar introduces Ohio educators to the Ohio Online Safety project and the EasyTech online safety curriculum. Understand E-Rate requirements for online safety education, the platform, EasyTech online safety curriculum, and how to assign it. Watch Training »

  • Using the Digital Citizenship Apps with Middle- or High School Students: The Digital Citizenship app from the EasyTech Online Safety Curriculum is an easy-to-implement solution for grades 6-9 that provides quick instruction on online safety, ethical use of digital resources, and cyberbullying through three engaging lessons and a quiz. During this webinar coordinators and teachers will learn about the lessons and quizzes in the app, access codes and reporting. Watch Training »

Getting Started with Ohio Online Safety

Start your school year off right with our Getting Started videos and Set Up Guides.

Ohio Online Safety Curriculum

Digital Citizenship App for Middle or High School Students

The Digital Citizenship App provides districts with an interactive way to both teach and assess online safety on mobile devices and support Bring Your Own Device initiatives.

Student Samples

E-Rate and CIPA Compliance

E-Rate is a major funding source for school Internet access in the state of Ohio. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that recipients of E-Rate funds are required to comply with certain Internet filtering and policy requirements.

Starting in July 2012, CIPA began requiring that districts and schools have an Internet safety program in place for K-12 students. This includes providing students with education on safe and appropriate online behavior, including interacting with others on social networking sites and chat rooms, as well as cyberbullying awareness and response.