User Import Tool - Single Sign-On Credential Upload

Uploading Single Sign-On Credentials with the User Import Tool

The User Import Tool (UIT) is a Windows-only tool available for download on the Coordinator Home Page, in the Import Users section. If you do not have access to a Windows computer, complete Steps 1 and 2 below and then contact Customer Support for further assistance: or 800.580.4640 x2.

Step 1: Create and Format a Spreadsheet with Single Sign-On Credentials

Create a spreadsheet with account information and single-sign on credentials. See below for an example. The User Import Tool is particular about formatting so it is important to abide by the following guidelines.

  • Be sure that headers are entered as shown below in the spreadsheet.
  • Only use alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). No special characters (i.e., hyphen, apostrophe, spaces, etc.)
  • All information should match the accounts and platform.
  • Verify with the content provider that the external username and password are correct.
  • If the content provider requires addtional credential fields at login (e.g., School Name or Group ID), add additional columns to the spreadsheet. Look at the File Selection* screen of the UIT for the list of necessary columns.

Step 2: Save the spreadsheet

Save the file in the comma separated value format, i.e., CSV (Comma Delimited). Close the file.

Step 3: Download and launch the User Import Tool from your computer

Helpful tips

  • Create one large file with all students, from every grade and school, up to 10,000 students. For districts larger than 10,000 students, create multiple files.
  • During the validation step, the UIT examines the CSV file for problems and compares the data to current accounts. Error messages relate to this process. It is possible to see and correct errors, run the tool again, and get different errors. Checking the “Skip Errors” box tells the import tool to ignore those rows in the CSV.
  • The errors in the detail window can be copied and pasted out of the window into a word processing application. This is helpful when reviewing and correcting the errors.
  • Warnings sometimes appear during the validation process. These relate to actions the User Import Tool is going to complete, often adding or creating data, and cannot be skipped.
  • If using lead-in zeroes, format columns as text or “Custom” and the total number of characters as zeroes in Type (i.e., if usernames should have 4 characters, Type: 0000). Formatting must be repeated anytime CSV file is opened.

Common Error Messages

Error Message Meaning Example Solution
This username already exists in the district Same username with a different Student ID.

Julie Smith, 1122334, (jsmith) vs.

Jude Smith, 5566778, (jsmith)

Change one of the usernames. For example, add a number, jsmith and jsmith1.
Cannot find Washington Elementary in the district The school name must match the name listed in the database. Washington Elementary vs. George Washington Elementary Log in to coordinator account. Click Edit Schools. Copy the name listed there.
Username must not contain non-alphanumeric characters Only letters and numbers. No special characters from the keyboard (i.e., apostrophes, space, underline, hyphen, etc).

incorrect: B Rubble or B'Rubble

correct: BRubble

Remove non-alphanumeric characters. To remove spaces, run Find and Replace in the CVS file. Put a space in the Find column and nothing in the Replace column. Repeat with other characters as needed.
Password must be 4 or more characters The passwords listed in the CSV file have less the 4 characters. SSD or 123 Extend the password. Can be simple like 1234, the name of your school/district, the school mascot (i.e., finches).
Access Denied (at Login page) Only District Coordinators can run uploads by default. School Coordinators need to be given access.   District Coordinator logs into their account. Clicks Import Users. Checks the box to allow School Coordinators to use the User Import Tool.