Implementation Models

Whole Class

  • Project curriculum items onto a screen or use an interactive white board.
  • Have students respond by raising their hands, writing their responses on a sheet of paper or into a notebook.
  • Divide students into groups and have them work collaboratively to arrive at solutions

Small Group

  • Students may work with a resource or ELL teacher for reinforcement.
  • Teachers may use the program for before- and after-school tutoring.
  • Students may work with a content area coach for additional instruction.

Work Stations Model

  • Have some students work together or independently on classroom computers.
  • Other students may work on corresponding Activities at their desks.
  • Still others may work with the teacher on a Lesson or Instructional Module.

Individual Instruction

  • Assign curriculum items for students to complete within a specified time period.
  • Students may utilize the school lab, laptop carts, and other resources to complete the items.
  • Teachers monitor performance and track progress.
  • Teachers may assign curriculum items to individual students based on performance to meet the need for remediation or enrichment.

At Home Use

  • Assign curriculum items for homework/outside of school completion.
  • Create an untracked “Parent” class to introduce parents to the program.
  • Monitor progress and use results to inform classroom instructional decisions.