Digital Citizenship App - Student

Your school has requested that you download our free App to your mobile Android or iOS mobile device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) so you can complete the lessons and quiz. Your school or district may require that you complete these lessons and quiz in order for you to use your mobile device at your school.

  1. Download and Launch the Free App

    Go to iTunes or Google Play Stores. Search for “DigitalCitizen”.

  2. Enter the School Access Code

    Your teacher will have the code.

  3. Create Your Profile

    Enter your student ID to create your profile. Your profile allows you to use the App from multiple devices. You can also login as Guest, but will lose the ability to use multiple devices.

  4. Complete the Lessons

    If you close the App before finishing a lesson, the App will not save your score for that lesson. Either give yourself enough time to finish a lesson and the quiz or keep the App open.

  5. Take the Final Quiz

    You may be asked to retake the quiz if you do not pass. If you are having trouble passing the quiz, we recommend that you retake the lessons.

  6. Log Your Completion

    If you started the App by logging in as Guest, you will be prompted to enter your student ID and name when you finish the lessons and pass the quiz.