Anatomy of EasyTech Games

EasyTech games were created for students to build fluency by practicing technology concepts while building core curriculum skills.

The EasyTech games begin with an introduction to the task. In this example the student is an intern for a local newspaper. The intern's objective is to proofread and correct copy for Spelling, Punctuation, Homonyms and Capitalization errors.

Upon finishing the task the student receives instant feedback from the Editor in Chief. A breakdown of the corrections and errors are noted both in the copy and in the message from the Editor and Chief

The student is presented with a paper that has the feature they have corrected with the page number corresponding to how well they have edited: front page, second, third or last page.

Teachers will see the student Game results posted in the Gradebook report upon completion. Students will get to see the Final Thoughts and overall scores for each of the completed sections. Students can complete the Games multiple times.